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Abaqus/CAE: Geometry Import and Meshing

Course objective

Real-world engineering commonly involves the analysis and design of complicated geometry. These types of analysis depend critically on having a modeling tool with a robust geometry import capability in conjunction with advanced, easy-to-use mesh generation algorithms.
This course provides an in-depth look at several advanced Abaqus/CAE capabilities: CAD geometry import and repair, meshing, and partitioning of complicated geometry. Both native and neutral geometry formats are discussed. An in-depth treatment of meshing techniques is also provided, including the use of virtual topology to ease the meshing of complicated geometry in the presence of small geometric features.
The course consists of lectures, demonstrations, and workshops.

Who should attend

This course is recommended for users with a basic knowledge of Abaqus/CAE who wish to become more proficient with the product.

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Abaqus/cae: geometry import and meshing Training

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