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Acoustic Analysis

The acoustic analysis team at ENA2 offers solutions for the noise-related problems to the energy industries, renewable sector, transportation industry, compressor stations, oil and gas companies. We help clients at every stage of a project, from planning to commissioning with noise modelling assessment, and monitoring to ensure compliance. We offer customized solutions for any existing noise and vibration problem using our in-house software.

Acoustic Analysis:

ENA2  engineers’ extensive knowledge of noise analysis, coupled with state-of-the-art technology  and multi-disciplinary experience, give us the tools to solve a wide range of engineering problems.

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Noise Impact Assessment

The acoustic team at ENA2 uses world-leading sound propagation models and tools to help clients with:

  • Measurement and monitoring of noise from the plant
  • Modelling of the noise emitting sources from the facility to predict the Sound Pressure Level at the receivers
  • Customized noise control solution for future cost control and risk mitigation

Noise Measurement and Monitoring

A noise survey is a crucial step to ensure that the facility is operating in compliance. ENA2 uses standard noise level meters and sensors for short and long-term sound monitoring from a facility.

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