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Acoustic Engineering

Acoustic Engineering is a specialty that focuses on the science of sound and vibrations. ENA2  engineering firm provides outstanding services, we are well trained in the fields of acoustic vibration, and noise control. Our engineers focus on solving problems related to noise and vibration control design services, and the environmental impacts of noise. ENA2 has extensive experience in commercial and residential buildings as well as the oil & gas industry. The expertise we provide ranges anywhere from compressors to HVAC systems. Additionally, we have the capabilities to inspect existing noise and vibration problems and advise corrective actions.


Wind and solar plants acoustic

Wind and Solar Plant

Noise emission modelling, infrasound, audible sound and vibration.

Transportation Noise

Environmental assessments, noise mitigation measures and vibration

Occupational Noise

Noise survey and calculations of exposure levels.

customized noise control

Customized Noise Control Product Development

Noise audit, product, and quality



  • Oil and Gas
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Power Plants
  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar Power Plant

Levels of Sound- Government of Canada

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