Structural Analysis & Design Software - Dlubal Webinar 30 Mins Starts March 10, 2021 09:30 AM | Ends March 10, 2021 10:00 AM |

Structural Analysis & Design Software - Dlubal Webinar 30 Mins


What is Dlubal?

A powerful suite of structural software, Dlubal was created in Germany back in 1987. With offices mainly located in Europe and one in USA, Dlubal has grown to become a worldwide company being used by over 7,800 customers and 45,000 users in 95 countries.

Why Dlubal? 

This half an hour webinar will cover the 3 biggest advantages Dlubal has over it's competitors: 

Ease of use

Experience the unparalleled workspace flexibility of the user interface first-hand. With an intuitive learning curve for both beginners and experts alike, Dlubal allows you to focus on engineering without the frustration of modelling difficulties. 

Expanded capabilities

Non-linear, dynamic, wind, and solid contact modelling are just a few features available in a truly customized package. Tired of paying for features you don't need or use? Dlubal allows you to purchase only the modules relevant to your business needs, with the flexibility to add or remove at any time. 

Online Support and Resources 

Dlubal always keeps their YouTube channel up to date with webinars, FAQ, and knowledge base videos. Educational videos are uploaded frequently (they have over a thousand to date), providing a vast wealth of knowledge straight from the experts to help answer your questions. The amount of different languages on their many channels is also a testament to how wide and diverse their user base is.

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Presented by Kevin Yuen, MSc, EIT, (403) 910-5957 ext. 122

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Description automatically generatedKevin is a Structural Engineer-In-Training who joined ENA2 in early 2019. He received his master’s degree in civil engineering, with specialization in structures and solid mechanics, at University of Calgary, and did his research on finite element modelling of recessed concrete girders reinforced with headed studs. Despite his background in structural engineering, Kevin has experience in computational modelling and can perform general finite element analysis in other fields, including mechanical and oil and gas engineering, where structural mechanics and stress analysis are often relevant. He has worked on a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential projects, ranging from skids and sheet metal structures. He has worked on in-house R&D projects which include custom joists, walls, and composite material systems, as well as case studies in soil pipe interaction, drill bit analysis, and blast wall analysis. With his passion for lifelong learning, teaching, and strive for excellency, Kevin holds his work to a very high standard in order to meet and exceed client expectations.

Hosted by Kyle Bailey, Sales & Marketing Manager, (403) 910-5957 ext. 128

Kyle is our Sales & Marketing Manager who joined ENA2 at the start of 2021. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Mount Royal. With previous success selling both ANSYS and SOLIDWORKS, Kyle is well versed in helping customers navigate the complex requirements of evaluating and implementing new software packages. As a born and raised Albertan, he has witnessed the ups and downs of the energy industry and believes that innovation will lead to a strong rebound in this sector Canada-wide.