ENA2 Flow Simulation in Porous Media with XFlow Webinar

Flow simulation in porous media with XFlow

The picture shows a phenomenon called the viscous fingering instability which is observed in porous systems when a low viscous fluid displaces a high viscous one.Flow through porous media is observed in different applications such as water movement in geothermal reservoirs, underground spreading of chemical wastes, enhanced oil recovery, etc. SIMULIA XFLow has provided very strong solver to simulate such flows with its LBM technology.

In this webinar we will briefly talk about:

  • The Lattice Boltzmann Method.
  • Techniques to deal with flows in porous systems.
  • XFlow porous media simulation module.

Tuesday (6/29) at 11:00 AM MT / 1:00 PM EDT 

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Hosted by Alex Ahci, Business Development Associate at ENA2.                              

Alex  is responsible for helping grow our business by finding new opportunities, researching leads and establishing relationships with potential clients. Alex graduated from Carleton University in 2010 with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce. After working for several years for the government in Ottawa, he moved to Calgary in 2014 and has held various supply chain and operations positions in the energy industry. Alex is very client-focused and always seeks win-win solutions in today‚Äôs ever-changing business requirements. He is well versed in understanding customers needs, nurturing professional relationships through consultation and helping customers achieve their project goals.

Presented by Behnam Dastvareh, Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer at  ENA2.