Acoustics Engineering

Acoustics Engineering

Background :

ENA2 engineers are well trained in the field of acoustics, vibration and noise control engineering. Our acoustic engineers focus on solving problems related to noise and vibration control design services, and the environmental impacts of noise. ENA2 holds extensive experience in commercial & residential buildings as well as the oil & gas industry. The expertise we provide ranges anywhere from compressors to HVAC systems. Additionally, we have the capabilities to inspect existing noise and vibration problems and advise corrective actions.

Services :

Commercial and Industrial

  • Architectural acoustics
    • Room acoustics – Design and Control
    • HVAC acoustics
  • Community noise
    • Construction
    • Occupational
    • Industrial
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Noise mitigation
    • Design and Consulting services
  • Noise Impact Assessment


  • Building acoustics
  • Environmental acoustics
  • Occupational noise
  • Industrial noise mitigation
    • Design and Consulting services
  • Noise Impact Assessment

Transportation and Mobility

  • Vehicle Noise
    • Interior Cabin Noise
    • Exhaust Noise
    • HVAC and Blower Noise
    • Underbody and Green-house Wind Noise
  • Cooling Fan Noise
Analysis :
  • Sound Propagation Modeling
  • Noise mapping
  • Noise monitoring
  • CFD Aero-acoustic analysis
    • Flow induced noise modeling
  • Transmission loss modeling
  • System noise abatement
    • HVAC
    • Electrical Systems
    • Piping Systems
Industry Regulations :
  • Alberta Energy Regulator / Directive 038: Noise Control
  • Alberta Utilities Commission
  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
  • National Energy Board