Social Media Content Policy

Privacy Policy of ENA2 Innovative Consulting Inc. ("ENA2")

This Social Media Policy applies if you are posting content to any of the ENA2 authorized Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. (“Content”).  When you are posting social media content to your own private social media platforms, we ask you to respect and follow the same policies and if discussing ENA2, you must adhere to these social media policies.

  1. Testimonials. You  must be careful when posting third party (including customers) testimonials and endorsements of ENA2. Prior approval from the entity issuing the testimonial or endorsements must be received and documented.
  2. Originality of Content. All portions of your Content must be the original creative work of you.
  3. Use of Quotes. You should adhere to the following steps if using quotes: (a) quotes should be short; (b) you should credit the source; and (c) you should use the quote in the same context as when the quote was originally made. if you have a question about whether you can use a quote, you must ask the writer for permission to use the quote and keep the documented approval.
  4. Third Party Content. In order to avoid potential infringement of intellectual property rights, you should not endorse, copy, or adopt third party content.
  5. Statements About Third Parties. Your content shall not contain any defamatory, libelous, or slanderous material. Your content shall not be harassing, abusive, unlawful, tortuous, threatening, harmful, pornographic, sexually explicit obscene, patently offensive, or otherwise promote racism, bigotry, hatred, or physical harm of any kind.
  6. Making Claims. Your content shall be true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and shall not hold out opinion as fact. Your Content shall not be intentionally misleading, deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent, You are responsible for checking your facts before making any claims about third parties or products.
  7. Third Party Rights. Your content shall not violate any third party privacy right, right of publicity of any other intellectual property rights (“IPR”).
  8. No Advertising. you shall not, as a part of the content produce for the ENA2 platforms, advertise, market, or otherwise promote any other product or service in which you have an ownership or interest or there financial interest, directly or indirectly nor is competitive with the business of ENA2.
  9. General. your may not use any video or music from any web property on which it is publishing content without express specific permission from the copyright or the rights owner(s) in each instance. You must obtain any required permissions or releases where necessary. In accordance with the Copyright Act and other applicable laws, ENA2 has adopted a policy or terminating, in appropriate circumstances and within ENA2’s sole discretion, the person who infringe upon the IPR of any third party.
  10. Use of Images or Other Media. An image or other multi-media element may involve layers or rights. The photographer/creator owns the copyrights in his/her photograph, or other media (e.g., the artistic expression of his/her vision). A person depicted in the photograph, video, or other applicable media owns the right to control the use of his/her image (or, in the case of a minor, a parent or guardian may exercise control or grant permission on behalf of the minor). If a trademark or product in its trade dress (e.g., a Coke® can) appears, the owner of the trademark may have rights in how its product or trademark is depicted. You must analyze each image or other media element to be sure that it has the appropriate permission from all rights owners to use the image or media in accordance with this policy.
  11. No Modifications to Third Party Images or Other Media. You should not modify any third party images or other media in any way that would change its nature or context, unless you are certain that you have the right from the copyright owner to create a derivative work. If you have a question about whether you can create a derivative work, you must ask the copyright owner for written permission to create the derivative work and keep the approval.
  12. Credit and Attribution. Credit or attribution to the source of the image (e.g., Getty Images) is always necessary for a third party photograph and if payment of a license fee is required to reproduce the photograph(s), you must get ENA2 management approval. Credit should be provided for other media according to its accompanying license terms.
  13. Terms of Use. At all times social media platforms “terms of use” must be adhered to..