Why Abaqus?

SIMULIA provides a scalable set of unified analysis products that enable all users, independent of simulation skill or domain specialization, to collaborate and share simulation data and authorized methods without sacrificing information quality. The Unified FEA product package provides powerful and comprehensive solutions for both ordinary and complex engineering challenges across a wide range of industries.

Key Benefits:
  • Linear and nonlinear
  • Coupled physic: structural acoustics, thermal-electrical, and more.
  • Electromagnetic and smoothed particle hydrodynamics
  • Rubbers, thermo-plastics, powder metals, human tissue, soil, composites, and more
  • Flexible multi body dynamics, controls, and joint behaviour
  • Crack, impact, and crash events
  • Scaling from 4 to 256 cores for rapid turnaround and large-scale analyses
  • Automation tools for customization of standard workflows
  • Over 100-value-added solutions for Abaqus to address numerous industry processes

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