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CFD Simulations for Designers and Manufacturers with FMK

CFD Simulations for designers and manufacturers with FMK , will focus on the Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a CAD & PL-embedded CFD approach to drive improved product performance based on design criteria. Check out our 45min webinar introducing FMK and its advantages.

Srikrishna S. CHITTUR

Srikrishna S. CHITTUR
SIMULIA Industry Process Expert


Behnam Dastvareh CFD specialist ENA2

Behnam Dastvareh, Ph.D.
CFD Specialist


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Explicit & Implicit Dynamic Analysis Using Abaqus

Are you interested in modelling high speed events such as vehicle crashworthiness, drop testing on a cell phone, or blast loading on a structure? or would you like to learn more about how to simulate slower events such as buckling and permanent deformations? if so, check out our 30-min webinar introducing what explicit and implicit dynamics are, and how they applied in Abaqus.

Flow in Porous Media With SIMULIA Xflow Webinar

Flow through porous media is observed in different applications such as water movement in geothermal reservoirs, underground spreading of chemical wastes, enhanced oil recovery, etc. SIMULIA XFLow has provided very strong solver to simulate such flows with its LBM technology.

In this webinar we will briefly talk about:

  • The Lattice Boltzmann Method.
  • Techniques to deal with flows in porous systems.
  • XFlow porous media simulation module.

CFD Webinar SIMULIA Fluids Portfolio

The promise put-forth by SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand, is to “Reveal the world we live in”. This can be achieved by delivering simulations that power sustainable innovations, one that is a reliable solution that business enterprises can base themselves on as needed. However, a critical piece that makes the promise deliverable is to provide multi-scale and multi-physics solutions for all domains of engineering – that can range from structures, electromagnetics to fluid solutions.

How Abaqus can Improve your Workflow Webinar

It’s hard to imagine living in a society without computers. Indeed, all our modern technology would not have been made possible without the help of software. As with all fields of engineering, having a solid understanding of basic principles is important, but we as humans have limits to what we can do with nothing more than our most fundamental senses and abilities. Powerful FEA software such as Abaqus are a compliment, rather than a replacement, to our thought and understanding. By helping us bring our ideas to life faster and promoting innovation and creativity among its users, Abaqus will continue to revolutionize the scientific and engineering world.

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