Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role (FMK)

Why FMK?

A Simulation Role for Engineers to perform fluid flow and thermal calculations to designs. Fluid Dynamics Engineer allows users to quickly explore hundreds of designs while simultaneously improving product performance based on optimal flow distribution, efficient thermal management, and minimal pressure losses.

Fluid scenario development and fluid model building makes it simple to create high-fidelity meshes for fluid flow calculations that precisely capture boundary layers and extract the fluid domain automatically, reducing the need for most manual preparations.

Key Values:

  • Integrated; solution for upfront simulation-driven design
  • Designer-Centric; guided user experience to accelerate product innovation
  • Comprehensive; core capabilities to address general fluid flow and thermal simulation applications
  • Boddy-fitted meshing; suite for accurately capturing complex geometries and physics
  • On-Cloud; reducing IT costs for computationally expensive yet essential CFD simulations
  • Scalable; across skill levels, model size & complexity
  • Collaborate; seamlessly with key stakeholders, leveraging digital continuity

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