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Isight & The Simulation Execution Engine

Why Isight/SEE?

SIMULIA offers industry-leading solutions that make it easier to harness the power of multiple software packages. Isight and the Simulia Execution Engine (previously Fiper) are used to combine various cross-disciplinary models and applications in a simulated process flow, automate their execution over distributed compute resources, explore the resulting design space, and identify new models and applications.

Our proven simulation automation and optimization solutions enable engineering teams to:

  • Drastically reduce design cycle time through integrating workflow processes in an automated environment.
  • Deliver more reliable, better-quality products through accelerated evaluation of design alternatives.
  • Lower hardware investments through effective use of legacy systems and more efficient job distribution.
  • Eliminate the bottlenecks of ineffective communication by enabling secure design collaboration among partners.

Do you think Isight is a good fit for your company?

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