Why PowerFLOW?

Engineers use the PowerFLOW suite to evaluate product performance early in the design process, before any prototypes are constructed, when the impact of change on design and budget is greatest. It imports completely complicated model geometry and conducts aerodynamic, aeroacoustic, and thermal management simulations accurately and efficiently.

Features & Benefits:

  • High fidelity CFD solution.
  • No volume & boundary layer meshing.
  • highly parallelized & scalable solution.
  • Sophisticated physical modelling.
  • Coupled thermal solution.
  • Coupled heat exchange solution.
  • Automated pre & post processing.

It accurately simulates fluid flow design problems for different transportation industries sectors; Automotive, commercial vehicle, off-highway, train, motor-sport, motorcycle, military vehicle, bus, aerospace and others.

Do you think PowerFlow is a good fit for your company?

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